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Class Action Litigation for Unpaid Interns or Underpaid Trainees

Fair Pay for Interns!!

Representing Exploited Workers across the United States

It’s the newest form of exploiting workers…as a college student or a recent graduate, you crave real life experience in your chosen profession. A company offers you just that…the opportunity to learn at the feet of successful professionals. However, because of the promise of educational benefit, and the expectation that you will spend most of your time learning, the company is offering it as an unpaid internship.

With a good faith belief in the benefit it will bring to your career, you accept it. Unfortunately, once you get there, you find that most or all of your time is spent doing menial tasks, such as making coffee or copies, filing documents, acting as a go-fer, or ferrying people from one place to another. After months on the job, you haven’t learned much and you haven’t earned anything.

Join Our Class Action Litigation

The attorneys at Leeds Brown Law, P.C., and Virginia and Ambinder, LLP, have joined forces to stop the abuse of interns and trainees. We take an aggressive approach, fully investigating all claims and systematically following through and try to get you full and fair compensation for the harm done to you.

We have already filed class action lawsuits alleging exploitation of unpaid interns, and are currently gathering evidence and information to prepare and file additional class actions. We will travel anywhere in the United States to serve as co-counsel in unpaid internship litigation, and will handle abuse cases arising in any industry or profession, from film and music studios to law firms to financial companies.

Protect Your Rights

If you spent time as an unpaid intern, or as a trainee, provisional employee or probationary employee, but received little or no educational benefit, we can help you seek compensation as part of class action litigation. To learn more about the litigation, and find out whether you qualify for a potential claim, call us at (516) 873-9500 or (212)943-9080 (toll free at 800-585-4658), or contact us online.

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