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Attorneys Fighting Internship Exploitation Nationwide

If you have spent time as an unpaid intern, hoping to develop useful skills that will help you in your career, only to serve as unpaid labor, we can help you determine your rights and take legal action to pursue compensation for lost wages.

At Leeds Brown Law, P.C., and Virginia and Ambinder, LLP, we have pooled our experience, skill, knowledge and resources to protect the rights of exploited interns nationwide. We have more than 30 lawyers available to work on these claims, and take an aggressive approach, carefully gathering, evaluating and preserving all evidence to support your case. We have already filed class action litigation on behalf of exploited interns, and are presently gathering evidence and information to prepare and file additional actions.

To schedule a meeting to learn about your rights and to determine whether you qualify to be a participant in litigation, contact us online or call us at (516)873-9500 or (212)943-9080 (toll free at 800-585-4658), or contact us online. We handle cases nationwide, and will travel to any jurisdiction to be co-counsel in unpaid internship litigation.

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