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We Fight for the Rights of Unpaid Interns Nationwide

Fair Pay for Interns!!

Experienced Lawyers Handling Unpaid Internship Claims

Have you worked as an intern in the financial industry or with a law firm, with the promise that you will garner valuable knowledge and insight into the inner workings of those professions, only to end up as an unpaid filing clerk or telemarketer? Have you been an unpaid intern in the entertainment industry, or anywhere, hoping for exposure to skills and information that will help build your career, only to spend most or all of your time making copies or coffee, or schlepping people around.

The U.S. Department of Labor has specific rules governing the legality of unpaid internships. Unfortunately, more and more companies and firms are skirting the regulations, wrongfully extracting free labor from interns and trainees while offering little or no educational or professional benefit. We believe these practices are wrong, and the courts are agreeing with us. We have filed class action litigation to seek compensation for exploited interns, and are actively gathering evidence and information to prepare and file additional lawsuits. To learn if you qualify to pursue a monetary recovery, contact the attorneys at Leeds Brown Law, P.C., and Virginia and Ambinder, LLP, online or call us at (516) 873-9500 or (212)943-9080 (toll free at 800-585-4658).

Stop Intern Exploitation!!

Internships have long been common practice with companies that employ college students and college graduates. Until recent years, though, most internships were highly structured, geared to provide interns with a meaningful learning experience, providing them with real life skills they could take to a paid position. As companies have pursued the endless quest to increase profits, however, many have started to replace what were previously paid entry-level positions with “internships,” often in blatant violation of the law.

What are some of the clear signs that your “unpaid internship” was not legitimate? The six part test set forth by the Department of Labor includes:

  • Whether the experience is more beneficial to you or to the employer
  • Whether you (the intern) displaced regular employees
  • Whether the employer derives any immediate advantage from the work you do (typically, they should not, and if they do, it’s not an internship)

You don’t have to subject yourself to this type of exploitation just to forward your career. We have more than 30 attorneys available to protect your rights. We have a comprehensive understanding of Department of Labor regulations, and can help you quickly determine if the conditions of your internship violated the law.

Contact Our Offices

If you spent time as an unpaid intern, but received little or no educational benefit, we can help you seek compensation as part of class action litigation. To learn more about the litigation, and find out whether you qualify for a potential claim, call us at (516) 873-9500 or (212)943-9080 (toll free at 800-585-4658), or contact us online.

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