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Experienced Worker Exploitation Attorneys

Protecting the Rights of Job Trainees Nationwide

Have you been a “trainee” in a financial services company, spending hours making cold calls at less than subsistence pay, with a vague promise that you might earn the opportunity to become a full-time employee if you meet certain quotas? Have you worked as a “provisional employee” or a “probationary employee” anywhere at less than minimum wage, where others have benefited from your labors, but you have received a pittance? We can help!

At the offices of Leeds Brown Law, P.C., and Virginia and Ambinder, LLC, we have combined our experience, skill, knowledge and resources to fight for the rights of underpaid employment “trainees” nationwide. We have filed class action litigation to seek recovery for unpaid interns, and are currently gathering evidence and information to prepare and file additional actions. To learn your rights and determine whether you qualify to file suit, call us at (516) 873-9500 or (212)943-9080 (toll free at 800-585-4658), or contact us online.

Stop Job Trainee Exploitation—Fair Pay for Your Work!!

Are you working full-time or even overtime at less than minimum wage? You don’t have to work as an indentured servant to a large corporation, just to get a leg up on your career. The U.S. Department of Labor has specific regulations governing minimum wages that must be paid to workers. We have extensive knowledge of these rules, and can help you quickly verify whether your rights have been violated.

Contact Our Offices

If you spent time as an unpaid intern, but received little or no educational benefit, we can help you seek compensation as part of class action litigation. To learn more about the litigation, and find out whether you qualify for a potential claim, call us at (516) 873-9500 or (212)943-9080 (toll free at 800-585-4658), or contact us online.

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