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Unpaid Interns Rights Attorneys

Fair Pay for Interns!!

Protecting Exploited Interns and Trainees Nationwide

It’s happening more and more across America. In the financial industry, in large law firms, in music and film studios, companies offer college students and college graduates what purport to be invaluable opportunities to learn the nuts and bolts of an exciting profession. Instead, you find yourself in a back room making cold calls, making coffee or copies, spending hours filing documents, acting as a go-fer, never learning much, if anything, about the business. Because the firm promised meaningful learning opportunities, you were willing to take the position without pay, or with less than subsistence wages. In the end, though, you haven’t learned any meaningful skills and you have been adequately paid for your labor.

We Fight for the Rights of Exploited Interns and Trainees!!

Under U.S. Department of Labor rules, employers must meet a six-part test for an unpaid internship to be considered legal. Unfortunately, many unpaid interns in today’s economy are nothing more than indentured servants. If you have been promised an opportunity to learn as an unpaid intern or underpaid trainee, or as a probationary or provisional employee, but you have been little more than a free laborer, we can help. Contact us online or call us at (516) 873-9500 or (212) 943-9080 (toll free at 800-585-4658).

Stop Intern and Trainee Abuse!!

The firms of Leeds Brown and Virginia and Ambinder have combined resources to provide the highest levels of service to individuals who have been taken advantage of in unpaid or underpaid “internship” or “trainee” programs. We have more than 30 attorneys working on these claims. We have already filed class action lawsuits [Link to Practice Page] on behalf of unpaid interns, and are currently gathering evidence and information to file additional class actions. Our lawyers will serve as co-counsel in lawsuits involving unpaid interns or trainees nationwide.

Contact Us

If you have worked as an unpaid or underpaid intern, in circumstances where there was little or no educational benefit, you may qualify to pursue compensation as part of class action litigation. Call us at (516) 873-9500 or (212) 943-9080 (toll free at 800-585-4658), or contact us by e-mail to learn more about your rights.

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