NY Times: All Work, No Pay for Interns

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The New York Times, once again, explores the implications of the culture of internships — both social, economic and legal. Check out this article from February 14, 2014.

The article goes on to quote a former intern: “In any given month, I’d say I apply to at least 300 full-time jobs,” she said, noting these attempts were to no avail. “On the other hand, I can apply to one or two internship positions a month and get a call back from both.”

The story continues: “Call them members of the permanent intern underclass: educated members of the millennial generation who are locked out of the traditional career ladder and are having to settle for two, three and sometimes more internships after graduating college, all with no end in sight.”

This is a trend that is all-to-familiar to our clients.

“Lately, however, long-suffering interns are starting to do more than complain. They point to the Labor Department’s six criteria for legal internships, which stipulate that companies that do not pay interns must provide vocational education and refrain from substituting interns for paid employees, among others.”

The article also mentions a pending LB and V&A cases: Warner Music.

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